ROAR Barre 30 Minute Challenge
January 22 (Tuesday) at 12:15 pm

Class length
30 minutes
It only takes 30 minutes a day.
Not all of us want to be a CrossFit athlete or a Yoga instructor.  The majority of us simply want to be more active, fit and healthy without spending half the day inside a gym.  These days we are bombarded by social media with extreme versions of all sports.  It seems that everyone has to be the best all the time, and that can be intimidating.
Good news, our 30 minute daily ROAR Barre program is an achievable daily habit with real results.  Classes are fun and diverse and with returning clients, again and again, ROARbarre is for healthy happy people in both mind and body.

Start your 3 week program anytime between Jan 7th - 31st 2019.
Choose one of the programs below.

*This challenge is NOT included in the regular class passes - see below*

ROAR Barre 30min JAN 3 week PROMO Pricing:

Option 1. Rp 950,000 - JANUARY DISCOUNT:  Get that strong, lean & toned Barre body in only 3 weeks! Commit to 6 x 30 minute classes a week in January at this special New Years rate.

Option 2. Rp 1,550,000 BARRE DETOX: in addition to the classes, this package includes a personal training session, an all natural exfoliating body scrub plus muscle recovery magnesium oil spray.

Option 3. Rp 2,300,000 PREMIUM BARRE BABE: Go premium. Enjoy all the benefits above plus daily recovery with unlimited access to AMO Spa, equipped with ice bath, sauna and steam room.

Regular ROAR Barre pricing:
Drop In: 75k
1 week pass / 6classes: Rp 425k
2 week / 12 classes: Rp 850k
3 week / 18 classes: Rp 1,100,000

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